Silent exploration of the surroundings and  dreamy walking lines becomes the tools of rethinking materiality.

Tragic pollution problems, artificial positions and a sence of inconvenience of becoming observer and participant of this process.

Collection is supported by the Lithuanian Council for Culture.

Photo - Ramūnas Tanguris

Collection MORTOS at "Mados Infekcija" 2021

Music - Dominykas Digimas Style - Reta Jončaitė

Pictures - Ramūnas Tanguris Video - Mados Infekcija



The quiet thoughts of despair has wandered into the early memories of the community gardens. The periphery of the strangest forms and meanings, crispy silence, drowned in enormous shadows, not clear where begins or where it ends."

​The phenomenon of collective gardens which then covered whole country, has survived only in fragments, through the filter of softly sad memories which stronger then ever relate to the world we see today, distant and self-isolated from society.

Part of the collection BLUE is created working in partnership with local textile company LONAS, using the mattress textile collection leftovers created by designer Rasa Balaišė.


The project is supported by the Lithuanian Council for Culture.



AW 2019-2020 collection was born while monotonously walking along the Neris, the main river of Vilnius. When I was passing various indigenous characters I focused on a flow - it’s always equally calm, regardless of what reflects on water / happens around. It binds with constant balancing between the states of desperation and hope.

I continue to work mostly in no colour and grow different sculptural/laconic forms from such materials as unbleached down proof cotton, jerseys and knits. I intuitively search for tactile expressions, sensitive processing and manipulations. Non-discursiveness and almost childish primitiveness are still important traits of my work.

The atmospheric video of the Blue collection continues to consistently develop post apocalyptic aesthetics based on absurdity, nostalgia and instability.

Art director & Designer - Morta Nakaitė Director - Kristijonas Dirsė Composer - Dominykas Digimas Cinematographer - Linas Žiūra Choreographer - Agnietė Lisičkinaitė Producer - Liucina Mackialo Production - Kristijonas Dirsė Make Up - Reta Jončaitė Models - Lora Kmieliauskaitė , Greta Grinevičiūtė Music performed by - Twenty Fingers Duo Lights - Jokūbas Miškinis, Lukas Karalius Recording studios - MAMA Studios Partners -WOLT, Cinevera, Lonas, Drift ART, Vaidotas Digimas, Živilė Čepulienė

Collection VISIONS DOWN THE RIVER at "Mados Infekcija" 2019

Style - Reta Jončaitė



Through intuitive connections I seek to convey a nostalgic atmosphere, oscillations of memories and to highlight the bright sadness as an authentic feature of Lithuanianness.
I interdisciplinary dive into an intuitive creative method and self-reflection: atypical childhood fairytales allow to look at the processes in an infantile way without seeking any result; the scent and mystery of enormously big theatre wings, as they seemed to me in the childhood, spotlight the leitmotiv of drama, absurdist fiction and identification with its character allow me to become a contemplative observer.
Multicultural, multinational and diverse Vilnius and its surroundings, where I walk without any perception of time understanding the fragility of everything, again become some kind of connecting part of work and its starting point.



The collection was inspired by the snippets of the stories about my great grandfather Cezaris Luciunas (1880-1945).


He had a peacock in his courtyard and a huge horny mutton would follow him to the bar like a dog. The knowledge I have about him create a picture of a very bright man who remained true to his values in extremely difficult circumstances. He was posthumously awarded with the Righteous Among the Nations medal.