The collection was inspired by the snippets of the stories about my great grandfather Cezaris Luciunas (1880-1945). He had a peacock in his courtyard and a huge horny mutton would follow him to the bar like a dog. The knowledge I have about him create a picture of a very bright man who remained true to his values in extremely difficult circumstances. He was posthumously awarded with the Righteous Among the Nations medal. 
This is a kind of glimpse to Cezaris' day, the purification of how I imagine him, even though we never met and never talked. The whole of associative feelings is the key element of this collection. Most of the fabrics are made and decorated by hand (wool, silk). Different volume and weight techniques are used, the historic elements of the collection are conveyed using needle felt, crotchet loop stitch, silk organza layering and colouring. The objective is a clear and clean form. Footwear was created to complement the collection (leather, suede and oak).
Photo credits - Paulius Gasiunas, style - Reta Jončaitė