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V i l n i u s  based conceptual womenswear designer Morta Nakaite brings pure,  p o e t i c  and silent feeling to her work. 

Calm, soft, sculptural silhouettes are paired with an untraditional search of texture in an attempt to attain a feeling of softness, clear forms that aspire a timeless quality. 

Her work may seem visionary at a first glance but if you  l o o k  at it carefully, they are infused with fragments of Vilnius, nostalgic memories and echoes from the  p a s t. 

Morta’s fashion collections have been the highlight of the Vilnius Fashion Week ‘Mados infekcija’ for the past four years, she was also selected among 16 best emerging designers from all over the world to showcase her work in London Fashion Week.

She describes her design philosophy as interdisciplinary dive into an intuitive and creative process which allows her to communicate what hardly can be described by words and finds meaning in  s i l e n c e.