How many design categories are there and what is the “composition” of contemporary Lithuanian design? Does the Lithuanian design identity exist and if so, what is it like? What is the best form of design education in Lithuania?

Representatives of the Lithuanian Design Forum and the design sector raise and try to answer such and even more complicated questions in the latest project “Design Documentary – Short Stories on Contemporary Lithuanian Design”. Take a look at full documentary --->>>

Agnė Kuzmickaitė and Morta Nakaitė shared their experiences in the episode “Design Documentaries - Short Stories about Contemporary Lithuanian Design” about fashion design. Agnė Kuzmickaitė-Prūsaitienė is a clothing designer and theatrical costume designer who regularly presents collections both in

Lithuania and at official fashion weeks as exhibitions abroad, and her works have been published in such international publications and portals as Vogue, L'officiel, Marie Claire. As theatrical costume designer, Agnė, so far has created costumes for about 20 performances and was nominated for Golden Stage Cross Award for her work with J. Vaitkus performance “The One Who Gets Slapped”.

Morta Nakaitė is a fashion designer of the young generation. Narrative and emotional atmosphere are very important in her work. Through personal experiences and stories that are closely related to place, context, and memory, the designer seeks her unique artistic position by balancing between the fields of art and design. The questions we answered with Morta and Agnė are - what is fashion design? In order for the state to be able to represent itself through fashion design, what is missing in today’s cultural policy situation? What is sustainability in the fashion design sector, how is it understood and where does it manifest itself? Ecology - fashion or a model of thinking for a fashion designer? Does our Lithuanian, fashion design stand out in the context of the Baltic States?

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